Outline of Tamana Seisakusho Co.,Ltd
Company outline
In 1944, Tamana Seisakusyo is established by Shimadzu Corporation.
We primarily have produced geared motors and gear reducers since the founding of our company.
So far more than 200,000 sets of our products have been shipped to top manufacturers in Japan and foreign countries. And due to our continuous effort our products have gained a reputation for high reliability and performance.
Being used day and night by companies our products support the advancement of industry.
Our products ,equipments of EF and BF series are compatible perfectly with geared motors and gear reducers manufactured by Shimadzu Corporation in Kyoto..

Geared motors
Motor output capacity of standard type is from 0.4Kw to 75Kw. Gear ratio of standard type is from 1/1 to 1/150.In addition to our standard geared motors, we are confident in our ability to produce geared motors to your special specifications explosion proof motors, DC motors, and AC servo-controlled motors

Gear reducers and Gear increasers
We have standard small sized Gear reducers which can be fitted to geared motors and frames. We can also make non standard gear reducers for situations such as high horsepower, high deceleration rate and other special specifications ,output up to 350Kw weight up to 9000kg..


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